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M4 Buttstock for Remington 870

Fab's AGR 870 FK collasible Buttstock for your Remington 870 provides you just what you need for a quality tactical upgrade.

  • Rock Solid One Piece Ergonomic Design
  • Special Non Slip Texture, Made from Reinforced Composite Materials
  • Enhances Natural Fighting Stance Hold on Your Shotgun
  • Slightly Angled to Counter Recoil
  • Improved Performance in Reaction, on Target Time and Muzzle Control when firing
  • No Gunsmithing Required
  • Provides Storage Compartment for Batteries or Cleaning Kit
  • Allows Optional M4 Style Aluminum Buffer Tube and Our Famous GLR-16 Butt Stock Upgrades


  • Remington 870 12 gauge models Shotguns


  • Weight 576 gr
  • Width 49 mm
  • Height 153 mm
  • Length 280 mm
  • Length (open / deployed) 347 mm