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Our Elite neoprene knee pads offer plenty of advantages compared to the standard hard cap models; lower in weigh, higher in comfort and most importantly...totally silent when in use. Offer protection to an extremely important part of your body that if left unprotected can affect your speed of movement.


  • Made with high-density moulded closed cell foam and neoprene, noiseless and extremely comfortable to wear.
  • 2 Straps provide total stability.
  • One size fits all.
  • Sold in pairs
  • Available in Green or Black 

Made to protect against light projectiles and rough surfaces with the use of Neoprene and High-Density Foam. These knee pads are great for shooting; The foam molds to any surface to provide a stable base for your shooting stance unlike with hard cap knee pads which can slip at the worst time. Another advantage of neoprene compared to others pads is that it is completely silent making it the preferred choice for CQB environments.

Secured by a unique Dual Adjustment System; Because this is a high area of abuse, when running, engaging a target or just marching you don't want your knee pads to move or come undone. Textured panels on the front of both pads deliver better grip on wet surfaces and also vastly increases durability.