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Raptor Full Finger Leather Gloves

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SKU 2000000061177

The Elite Raptor Gloves are designed to meet the demanding requirements encountered in assault entry / rescue, shooting, hostage recovery, riot control and baton use as well as in unarmed hand to hand combat situations.  Full Leather construction for durability, comfort and water resistance; Padded Leather Reinforcements located on the back of the hand provides protection from light projectiles and debris without the use of a bulky Carbon Fibre Knuckle Protector. 

The Elite Raptor Gloves have been aggressively cut & contoured to match the shape of your hand; Provides a flexible feel that does not restrict your movements.  The reinforced Suede palm offers good grip and is naturally resistant to water.


  • Reinforced Suede Palm
  • Padded Leather Areas on Back of Hand for Protection from Debris
  • Fully Adjustable Velcro Cuffs